Friday, May 29, 2020

Deep Learning with Python Book Download for Free

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can definitely be considered to be the parent field of deep learning, has a rich history going back to 1950. While we will not cover this history in much detail, we will go over some of the key turning points in the field, which will lead us to deep learning.

Tasks that AI focused on in its early days were tasks that could be easily described formally, like the
game of checkers or chess. This notion of being able to easily describe the task formally is at the heart of what can or cannot be done easily by a computer program. For instance, consider the game of chess. The formal description of the game of chess would be the representation of the board, a description of how each of the pieces move, the starting configuration, and a description of the configuration wherein the game terminates.With these notions formalized, it's relatively easy to model a chess-playing AI program as a search and,given sufficient computational resources, it’s possible to produces a relatively good chess-playing AI.

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Deep Learning with Python Book Download for Free


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