Thursday, May 21, 2020

Download Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting book free pdf

If you’re a system administrator in a Linux environment, you’ll benefit greatly by knowing how to
write shell scripts. The book doesn’t walk through setting up a Linux system, but once you have
it running, you’ll want to start automating some of the routine administrative tasks.

That’s where shell scripting comes in, and that’s where this book will help you out. This book will demonstrate how to automate any administrative task using shell scripts, from monitoring system statistics and data files to generating reports for your boss.

If you’re a home Linux enthusiast, you’ll also benefit from Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting
Bible. Nowadays it’s easy to get lost in the graphical world of prebuilt widgets. Most desktop
Linux distributions try their best to hide the Linux system from the typical user.

However, there are times when you have to know what’s going on under the hood. This book shows you how to access the Linux command line prompt, and what to do once you get there. Often performing simple tasks, such as file management, can be done more quickly from the command line than from a fancy graphical interface. There’s a wealth of commands you can use from the command
line, and this book shows you just how to use them.

you can download book from here,

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Download Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting book free pdf


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