Sunday, May 17, 2020

OnePlus 8 Pro'sl X-ray camera | X ray vision camera |see through plastic

OnePlus 8 Pro makes materials invisible with spooky X-ray camera ...

One plus 8 pro  is actually infrared vision instead of X-ray.
I has a very cool color fiter effect, you can seee through some of the plastic meterial.

Photochrom colour effect:

There is a cool colour efffect in the camera setting and it is called photochrom colour effect. 
you can enable the xray vision using this mode option.
some of the video proof are available in the youtube, you can actually see it . 

Peoples all over the world are very much interested to see the amazing effect from one plus 8 pro.

Infra-red :

Your brain is capable of seeing colors you don’t normally process if handed the input to do so. Some years ago, we wrote about the case of a man who had the lenses of his eye replaced with artificial ones. As sometimes happens in these cases, the new artificial lenses allowed him to see deeper into the ultraviolet than is typical for humans. Tests with precise spectrographic measuring equipment confirmed it. When handed deeper UV light than we typically see, your brain is capable of mapping it to visual output, to some modest extent.

Back to the OnePlus 8. In this case, the camera that’s doing the sensing is a low-quality sensor that doesn’t take very good photos. AndroidCentral has dismissed the privacy risk for this reason, given that the “Photochrom” mode apparently degrades image quality further. The overall privacy risk is small, the company claims, though we can understand why folks might be leery given how easily footage finds its way online these days. This also is a problem OnePlus really should have caught in-factory


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