Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Unix Power Tools by O'Reilly Book Free Download

UNIX is also important to power users because it's one of the last popular operating systems that doesn't force you to work behind an interface of menus and windows and a mouse with a "one−size(−doesn't)−fit−all" programming interface. Yes, you can use UNIX interfaces with windows and menus − and they can be great time savers in a lot of cases. But UNIX also gives you building blocks that, with some training and practice, will give you many more choices than any software designer can cram onto a set of menus. If you learn to use UNIX and its utilities from the command line, you don't have to be a programmer to do very powerful things with a few keystrokes. So, it's also essential that this book teach you some of the underlying principles that make UNIX such a tinkerer's paradise.

you can download from here,

Unix Power Tools by O'Reilly Book Free Download, free unix books download


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