Monday, June 15, 2020

ASCII The Evolution of Character Codes Book download PDF

Today we take it for granted that a ‘‘plain text’’ file on a computer can be read by nearly any program, printed on any printer, displayed on any screen, transmitted over any network, and understood equally easily by any other make or model of computer. Plain text is plain, though, only because of a near-universal agreement about what symbols and actions correspond to what arbitrary arrangement of bits, an agreement that was reached only after many years of design work, experimentation, and compromise.

The first portion of the paper will cover the origins of International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2 (often called ‘‘Baudot’’), the five-unit code standardized in the 1930s. The second portion will cover the design and standardization of its successor, the seven-bit international standard code now used by the majority of the world’s computers and networks.

You can download the book from here,

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ASCII The Evolution of Character Codes Book download PDF


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